eCommerce industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. It has completely changed the way we used to shop and spend money. It has changed Retail Industry at a great level. Whether you have 10 products or 10,000 products, eCommerce portal is a great way to increase your sale.

If you want increase your reach through global audience, eCommerce is an opportunity for you. You can create an eCommerce website and sell your products online. Here, in this post we have listed down some most important and latest eCommerce website design trends in 2016

Responsive Design:
We have so many devices from where we browse and surf online. With responsive website design, you make sure that your website is accessible and looks equally good on each and every device like Desktop, Mobile and Tablets etc. This is foremost important thing for eCommerce websites these days. It is mandatory to have responsive eCommerce website.

Animation View for Products:
Presentation is everything. If you have product that has multiple features, you can use animation for better presentation. With motion picture, you can show various sides of a product, you can show close-up and share it from different angles. It looks more promising that way.

Wide Backgrounds:
Wide backgrounds and attractive sliders are effective ways to show grand size image of your eCommerce store. They look more professional and attractive at the same time.

Give Options through Long Scroll:
The more options you give, the more sell you can expect. It’s the thumb rule. These days, eCommerce websites design with long scrolls are in trend. You can optimize the layout with various product sections like Featured Products, New Arrivals, Best Sellers, and Ready to Ship, On Sale, and Combo Offers etc. Give more options on eCommerce website home page.

Quick Checkout:
We all are running out of time all the time..!! People do not like eCommerce websites which takes too long for check out. These days 3 Step Check out is a trend. For quick and successful check out process, you can try AB Testing as well.

These are latest eCommerce website design trends in 2016. For the best eCommerce website and development, contact Digi Web Technologies now!